App to rent a helicopter




3 weeks


Mobile apps

TakeHeli is an application for the new business approach in the taxi industry. The app helps you to find and rent a personal helicopter for your needs. You can rent a heli just for jorney from point to point or order a trip.

Photos of Scout helicopter are produced by Art. Lebedev Studio

Our Studio was working on the design for the app from scratch to the launch on the App Store. We have analyzed a lot of user cases to find right way to order a heli, show required information, process an order and get the result. We're gonna show you one of the cases: Rent helicopter case.

On the first screen you have to choose departure and arriving point and departure date as well. All the rest is optional and has default values. You can also add a return flight. When you set all parameters the app shows you count of helicopters match your data.

After that the app shows you list of helicopters you can choose for your flight. You see a capacity of a heli and an estimated trip's price. Just tap whatever you like.

When helicopter is chosen it'd be nice to check out everything. Pay attention on all details of the flight and press Accept to confirm.

The app uses SMS-code verification to proof your details and confirm your order. No registration and authorisation is needed. We wish you a pleasant flight.