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Design strategy

Raumbild is a German innovative online shop of furniture where user can try any product in Augmented Reality. Firstly this is a shop, but we had to show this is not just a plain shop, this is something more. When you see Tesla car, firstly you understand this is a car. When you seat down inside, you see this is much more than just a car. When you see a laptop by Apple, after first thought “this is a laptop” you discover much more than you would have for a laptop. The same way we wanted to use to present Raumbild. We create a shop, the best shop, the easiest shop, but this has to be much more than just a shop.

Fresh navigation approach

The shop is gonna have quite rich functional, a lot of features that user has to get from first look. We didn’t want to put all of them on first navigation level like most of the shops do. We’ve tried new approach: to put all the functional on the fixed elegant bottom bar and keep at the top only the categories. And the user tests had showed this works perfect.

Clear hierarchy of the catalog

For the navigation we used clear and understandable for users defitions. On the first level — kinds of the rooms, on the second — kinds of the furniture.

The webiste has infinite scrolling. Vertical guide lines separate the products and make a feeling of “deep discovering”.

Rooms conceptions

As one of the ways to present the furniture we used virtual rooms and fantastic conceptions of the interiors instead of boring typical interior design. The pictures were made by Julia Wagner for Raumbild.

Yellow Room
Welcome to the Jungle
Flat of Spring Feeling
Parisian Chic
The Explosion
Breakfast by Pilgrim

Catalog and search

In the calatog we mixed featured products, articles and sets of the furtnitures. Sets could be complied depedning on a season or holidays (Christmas, summer, wedding, etc).
Every subcategory has predefined filters related with this exact kind of furnitures. For beds a width does matter, for lamps — height.

Product page

Forget about products pages overloaded by a lots of text and technical details. We createad interesting interactive lading page for every product!

Cart and payment process

Ordering proccess has never been easier and more safe. We created the simplest cart ever, didn’t lose the security by the way.

Cart is avaialable from bottom menu. Products in cart have basic needed information.
You can chose a delivery mething for every product. You can mention different addresses for billing and delivery, which is pretty important for German market.
Payment with different methods and opportunity to add new one immediately.


Shop page

The furniture is provided by different shops and manufactures. Every shop has its own benefits and features. We created a page for every shop where user can find products from this shop and take a look which services the shop provides.

User profile

We tried different approaches until we found right design language and visual conception.