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3 months


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JustUpped is a new conceptioned mobile social network. Everything is real and everything is now. Sounds cool. Isn’t? You can see everything what happens around you in real time mode. Posts, events, locations, views — you wouldn’t expect such level of fidelity of real life.

Choose your color

  • Sky blue

  • Sweet pink

  • Moon white

  • Nature green

  • Pastel

  • Shine violet

  • Desert orange

  • Dark night

  • Indigo

  • Rock red

Everything happens in real life

What count of likes tells you? JustUpped decided to use count of views as a measurement of post’s attractivity. How many users watched a post — this tells you how interesting it is. Everything is real here. Are you sure you did understand it right? It means, really everything is so. When your friend opens a camera you see this, you even know if she wants to make a selfie.
Live comments above a post — get immediately all feedbacks from people around the world. This is almost how to speak with whole the world. Just try it.
All life posts live 24 hours. After this time you can’t see them by usual way. But nevetheless this is quite possible.
See what’s happening around you. JustUpped will show all the photos were taken around you, the best photos. If there a lot of photos were taken in short period of time, then this means something important is happening there. The app will let you know.
This is first social network where users prepare photos before taking. This made a challenge for us to create first camera screen that invites you to make you photo cool before you actually take it. Enjoy.
During filming a live video you get all reactions of the world on it. Who sees it, what this “who” thinks. Everybody sees it at the time when you shoot it.
Are you at a party and make a lot of cool posts? You can append them into one post. Or create new one — up to you. Don’t forget to try awesome filters.
We prepared for JustUpped the list of photo filters with examples and technical guides.


Everytime something great happens around you. This might be global events as Olympic Games, local events as Oktoberfest. Your fries also wanto to let you know when they have running around Hyde park or hiking to Trolltunga.
A lot of companies are interested to be presented in JustUpped. Take a post with a company’s brand to earn coins by beeing participated in an event.


At user profile you see a history of user’s vies in realy life. Background of a user show how popular she is.
JustUpped has a global rating basing on count of views of the posts. What doest it mean? It meas that the rating is changing all the time. Everybody has real chances to be first by shooting great stuffs.
For sure JustUpped has a chat. Talk with people around the worls. Share any post with anybody.