Coburger Magazine

Cover for a magazine of city Coburg


2 weeks


Graphic design

“Coburger” is a magazine about Coburg city, people and events of the city. The magazine gets published every month and the cover of the magazine reflects the most important topics happen in the city. This month was dedicated to International IT Festival in Coburg. Customer required to bring fresh and modern vision, but save recognizability of the magazine.

In Studio we created conteporary and brave incredible cover that completely associates with the city. The “trees” of chips tracks organically remind about high technologies
Discover the city, find the most popular and recognizible objects, that could reflect the city the best even out of the city.
Discover previous covers. Most of them honestly look uglish and oldstyled. We deside to use modern brave colors and graphic illustrations without photos.
Trying different approaches and check them with the magazine’s titel.
In the end we decided to continue with illustration with overlaying silhouette of the castle and the cathedral, but with adding something related with IT