Apr 2016 – May 2016


Graphic Design

Tenerife.tech — mobile development company from Santa-Cruz de Tenerife city located on Canarian Islands. The company is experienced developer of mobile and web applications with deep traditions and careful approach. We’ve got a task to create simple and lifelong logo illustating companie’s business.

Everything is here

The logo contains everything needed: phone’s keyboard, Rubik’s cube symbolising company can solve any difficult problem, applications icons on a phone’s desktop and also the color scheme reminds about sunny Tenerife.

Version on a dark background

For corporate needs we also made
black-and-white versions of the logo.

For Tenerife.tech in the Studio we created full brand related stuffs, we’ve tried how the logo looks in different environments. Also we made promo materials for the brand.

Simple logo looks nice on any objects
Business cards