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    By Michele Package Illustrations

    Illustrations for labels of oliven oil bottles


    by Michele


    Feb 2016 – Apr 2016


    Graphic Design

    “by Michele” is a manufacture and seller of the coolest homemade olive oil. The oil made only from natural components and has incredible taste, can make any dish as a delicious. The product is presented in 10 taste variations and we in the studio have created emotional active colored illustration for all the labels of these variations.

    Balsamico Creme, Chili, Chili Cocoa, Chili Garlic, Extra Virgin, Garlic, Rosmarine, Nigella, Blackcorn Star Anise, Star Anise

    For the illustrations we had used brush-painted glib style, that matches the corporate identity the best. Some products have one group of tastes, but with different gustatory notes, e.g. Chili Garlic and Chili Cacao. To group the tastes we had user color coding.

    Extra Virgin with Star Anise
    Extra Virgin with Blackcorn Star Anise
    Extra Virgin with Garlic
    Extra Virgin with Balsamico creme
    Extra Virgin with Rosmarine
    Extra Virgin
    Extra Virgin with Chili
    Extra Virgin with Chili and Cocoa
    Extra Virgin with Chili and Garlic
    Extra Virgin with Star Anise